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Keen to achieve a quick sale for your property? Soldsure can help by finding you the best quick house sale Birmingham offer for your property in Birmingham. Read on to find out more…
Soldsure is an experienced property buying company in the UK and specialises in finding high cash offers for property. We are confident we can offer you a cash price that is unrivalled by our competitors because we constantly compare ourselves with over 80 companies that buy houses for cash including property investors and property traders. We are able to offer you cash for your property because we are property investors ourselves and have the resources to buy any type of property in the UK. To put your mind at ease, we are willing to provide proof of our funds available so you can be assured that we are genuine cash buyers. Even if we don’t buy the property ourselves, we offer your property to registered buyers with approved funding. Hence when you work with Soldsure, a guaranteed quick sale is possible.

Looking for quick property sale for cash, no delays, no dealing with estate agents and no hassle?

Contact Soldsure today!

There are many reasons why you are looking to sell your property in Birmingham quickly. Perhaps you have inherited a property, maybe you are looking to buy another property and need to move quickly, or you may be struggling with your finances. Whatever the situation you find yourself in, let us help you by finding the best cash offer for your property. We can also help you stop repossession Birmingham. Although admittedly quick cash offers are typically between 10-20% below the market value of the property, a quick sale can be completed in days compared to the typical sale cycle of months if you use the more traditional methods of selling.

Not only do we guarantee a quick sale, we are also confident that we can offer you a price that is as close to the market price as possible. This is because we constantly compare ourselves with other quick sale companies to make sure that the cash offers we provide are competitive and attractive for potential sellers. The panel of active cash buyers we work with have also been vetted through a stringent process. At Soldsure, speed is the essence and we strive to get things done right the first time so no time and money is wasted. That is why we strive to find you the most competitive offer for your property as quickly as possible. When you are happy with cash price we offer, then things can move on quickly and we can complete a sale in a short time frame.

Advantages of a Soldsure quick sale:

  • No viewings – no disruptions, more privacy
  • No need to wait for a buyer – no time wasted
  • Fast completion date
  • No hidden costs and additional fees (No estate agency fees, no solicitor’s, no valuation fee)
  • No EPC to prepare and other paperwork to handle
  • No hassle – we manage and facilitate the whole process for you so the process can be totally worry-free
  • Sale completion date can be worked around your timescales.
  • No hard-sell tactics, pressure to sell and obligations

What are you waiting for? Contact our sell house fast Birmingham team today experience Soldsure’s unrivalled level of service yourself!

Soldsure quick sale – Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that many people are suspicious of property quick sales due to the media reports of black sheep in the industry. People are also sceptical because this innovative method of selling is still relatively new compared to the more traditional methods and thus people do not understand how it works.

We endeavour to be upfront and honest about our practice and have compiled a series of questions we have come across having been in the quick sale business for years. Read the questions and our responses to find out more about the quick sale process. If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Our team will be happy to answer all your questions.
Who can the Soldsure quick sale help?

Traditionally, quick sale tends to be the solution for people who find themselves in the following situations:

  • Divorce or separation
  • Emigration or relocation
  • Property inheritance
  • Redundancy
  • Change in income or livelihood
  • To stop repossession Birmingham or foreclosure
  • Previous sale has fallen through
  • Inability to afford and/or main current property

However, due to global economic uncertainty and suppression of the UK property market, more and more sellers who do not fit the above-mentioned profiles are favouring quick sales over traditional methods of selling. Hence the Soldsure quick sale method can help anyone who value certainty and speed over price.

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